Your Input

What do I need to do to assist in my recovery?

I do not claim to cure but to facilitate your own recovery by restoring the natural energy flow.  We are all complacent about our body’s remarkable powers of recovery; when you cut your finger, who heals it?  When you break a bone who heals it?  - you and your body do.  Many ailments can be alleviated quite quickly and simply, though some people can experience difficulty in letting go of their complaint.

You will be encouraged to participate in your own recovery by learning that our health is affected by the way we think and how we literally make ourselves ill by holding onto such things as old emotional pain, poor self image, guilt or resentment.   By becoming aware of these issues, you are then able to recognise your ways of being and begin to let go of these negative thought patterns, in turn releasing the trapped energy causing the ailment. 

The speed of recovery will be influenced by your willingness to embrace this concept and how deeply your belief systems are entrenched.  A minimum of four sessions is recommended with further sessions for more deep-seated conditions.


Will my ailment come back?

Once the energy flow is restored to the body the ailment will not return unless the blockage was caused by a belief system or thought process which you have not released.  It is well documented: optimistic people suffer from fewer ailments than pessimists. As you become empowered to recognise the mental and emotional causes of illness, you discover that by adopting a different attitude towards these issues you are able to avoid further energy blockages occurring.


Domančić Method Bioenergy Healing