Domančić Method - Payment

The Exchange

At Basset Cottage the fee to attend a Bioenergy Group Event or individual private appointment is a donation of your choice.

We believe that no one can place a price on health because its value is priceless but the time of the practitioners and overhead of the center does have a real cost. 

Donations should reflect a commitment to your health and the healing process and be in accordance with your financial ability and your appreciation of the results.

Giving and Receiving - the natural law of Circulation

A donation completes an exchange of energy (between participant and the practitioner) 

Whenever you receive (in this case treatment), you need to consider how to give back the appropriate energy in one way or another.

This exchange is necessary to maintain the balance of give and take.

An energy exchange also helps in the healing process by being part of the participation in the therapy - sharing in the process.

Giving expresses gratitude and appreciation, and this also helps boost the immune system.

Your generous donations are greatly appreciated. They help support and enable us to continue to help others by offering bioenergy group events to those who want and need it.
Domančić Method Bioenergy Healing